We are more than a product
We are a movement.

SaltWise is a product of a US based company, with a mission to make healthy salt alternative accessible to all.
SaltWise was born out of our desire to create a better tomorrow. At SaltWise we understand that you have a demanding work environment and a busy life. We are here to provide an easy choice- a simple change of habit, that can work wonders on your health without any additional tax on your time. SaltWise, allows you to eat guilt free and works its magic on you while you work your magic on others. Our equation is simple. A healthy choice is equal to a healthy life. At SaltWise, we work tirelessly to create awareness and help customers to make healthier and wiser choices. Our product is 100% natural and fully loaded with health benefits of the plant of Salicornia.

Our Commitment To You

Health first

At SaltWise, we are passionate about educating our customers on how a small dietary change can drive significant results. We understand that salt is a non-negotiable part of our diet but making the right choice on what salt to take, can help you redefine your future. SaltWise echoes Adelle Davis, an American writer and nutritionist, considered "the most famous nutritionist in the early to mid-20th century." She was an advocate for improved health through better nutrition.

We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.

Adelle Davis

Quality First - We care for your Health

SaltWise is a product of a US based company, with a mission to make healthy plant based salt accessible to all. SaltWise has perfected this science of extracting salt from a plant working with leading salt research institutions. It's pure, natural, and good for you. SaltWise Salts are an all-natural one ingredient product- Salicornia stems. Yes, its as fascinating as it sounds. There are no added preservatives or chemicals. Salicornia salt is loaded with vitamins and minerals with up to 50 percent less sodium than common table salt. Commitment to Quality, Health Products - Every batch of our Salicornia Salt undergoes rigorous testing by Independent Third Party, Government Recognized, Approved Labs. We closely monitor our process to ensure that our plant-based salt consistently meets the highest quality standards. We hold a high bar in ensuring our product is 100% natural, free of any pesticides, fertilizers and microplastics. We ensure high standard of hygiene and use quality packaging to ensure our product reaches your table sealed with care.

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Non-GMO Certified

We’ve always been committed to sourcing raw materials that are 100% Natural and not modified through genetic engineering, and now we’re proud to announce that our products are Non-GMO certified by ICI-UK. Our products are made from 100% Salicornia Plants grown in perfect ecological balanced natural conditions and have been produced in compliance with the Non-GMO ICI-UK Standard. In addition, we track our raw material as it is received, processed, packaged and sold, to ensure it’s not mixed with unverified ingredients.

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Certified Vegan

Our salt is made from 100% Salicornia plants and is ethically produced, ensuring no harmful chemicals or preservatives are added. We are proud to be certified for Vegan compliance by ICI-UK, ensuring our products meet the highest standards for vegan-friendly foods. Our plant-based salt, made from 100% Salicornia plants grown in perfectly balanced natural conditions, has been certified by ICI-UK for Vegan compliance. This certification ensures that our products contain no animal-derived ingredients or by-products, offering you a pure, plant-based, and healthy salt alternative.

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Backed by Science

SaltWise is made from an innovative process based on United States Patent. When you purchase our natural salt products, you can rest assured knowing they have a seal of safety and quality.

Empowering Rural Communities

At SaltWise, we are committed to improving the livelihood of the coastal communities by providing them gainful and continuous employment. With each purchase, you contribute to the empowerment and economic growth of rural communities who gain their livelihood by engaging in harvesting Salicornia from the coastal regions.

Treating The Planet With Kindness

We have an unwavering commitment towards the environment. Salicornia grows on non-agricultural land and salt water, thereby reducing the claim on farming lands and fresh water that can be used for growing other crops. Our practices and processes marinate in our philosophy of sustainable sourcing and responsible eco-friendly packaging.