common salt impacting your health

Is common salt impacting your health over time? Here are 5 reasons why you should switch to Salicornia salt

Aug 24, 2023

While many of us are vigilant about choosing nutrient-rich foods and diets, one crucial ingredient that often slips under the radar is high sodium common salt. Wondering if there is a healthy salt alternative that you could consider- enter the world of Green salt- a healthy salt that is great source of essential vitamins and minerals salts needed by human body. 

For years, the humble table salt has sat unchallenged on our dining tables, quietly raising debates in health circles. As researchers delve deeper, it's becoming clear that our trusted kitchen staple may not be without its downsides. But your search ends here with green salt- where plant-based salt derived from Salicornia strikes the balance between flavor and better health.

The Hidden Dangers of high sodium intake 

Salt has been an essential part of human diets for millennia. However, the common salt which is usually high in sodium, gets added to our meals without much thought is not without its silent threats.

High Blood Pressure

Excessive salt and sodium consumption is directly linked to high blood pressure, a covert threat often labeled the 'silent killer' because of its discreet harm to our health. Both the WHO, underscored by Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and the American Heart Association have issued cautions about the risks. An illuminating study by the AARP elucidates how excessive sodium in the bloodstream can intensify blood volume, analogous to increasing water flow in a garden hose, putting additional stress on the heart. With many individuals unaware of their sodium consumption levels, there's a heightened risk for arteries and the heart, making them susceptible to cardiovascular diseases, plaque build-up, and potential blockages.

Water Retention

Excessive sodium in the diet causes the body to retain water, which can not only lead to temporary swelling but also places a significant strain on the kidneys. This heightened workload, due to constant high salt levels, can compromise the kidneys' efficiency, reducing their filtration capabilities and potentially escalating the risk of chronic kidney conditions and other health repercussions over time.

The American Sodium Crisis

The FDA's alarming data suggests that Americans consume 3,400 mg of sodium daily, overshadowing the recommended 2,300 mg. This high sodium consumption plays a pivotal role in the fact that a significant portion of American adults, over 40%, grapple with high blood pressure, jeopardizing their overall health.

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Salicornia Salt

Unveiling the true face of common salt naturally begs the question: Is there a better salt alternative? Is there a salt substitute that is really healthy and mineral rich? Delve into these five compelling reasons to make the switch to Salicornia green salt.

1.    Natural and Healthier

When you hear the word 'salt', you probably think of the familiar white crystals derived from the sea or gathered from beneath the earth's surface. Yet, there's a salt sourced from a vibrant green plant - Salicornia available both as green salt and white salt. Found in coastal regions around the world, Salicornia, or 'sea asparagus' or 'glasswort', thrives in salt-rich environments. But why should one consider Salicornia salt?

Free from Harmful Additives

Traditional table salt often includes additives that can accumulate in our bodies over time. According to the National Organic Program (NOP) regulations, while salt is excluded from organic ingredient percentage calculations, many salts still contain anti-caking, free-flowing, or conditioning agents that might be prohibited in organic processed foods. Salicornia green salt and white salt, being a natural alternative, are free from these additives, ensuring a cleaner, healthier form of seasoning. This negates potential health concerns, especially when some salt additives, such as sodium ferrocyanide, are not allowed in organic foods due to their synthetic nature.

Rich in Minerals Salts

Beyond its sodium content, Salicornia green salt and white salt comes loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, like Vitamin A, Potassium, Calcium, Carotene, Iron, and Magnesium. These white and green salts not only add depth to its flavor but also play a pivotal role in body functions, such as nerve signaling and muscle movements. This makes Salicornia salt more than just a taste enhancer; it's a health enhancer.

Low Sodium with Health Benefits

While traditional table salt is associated with high sodium intake, Salicornia is a commendable salt alternative due to its lower sodium composition. Emphasizing a low sodium diet can alleviate potential health issues, and in the case of Salicornia, its unique benefits extend further. It contains bioactive metabolites like Oxomefruside, known for counteracting hypertension, and Clonidine, typically utilized in high blood pressure treatment. Notably, despite its sodium presence, a study with rats demonstrated that Salicornia's effect on blood pressure was significantly milder compared to regular salt.

Salicornia contains lutein, which helps stave off age-related macular degeneration. This, coupled with its array of antioxidants and polyphenols, means that including Salicornia low-sodium salt in your diet might also offer anti-aging benefits. These properties make the white and green salt- a must have.

Antibacterial and Medicinal Potentials

Beyond its culinary applications, Salicornia has been recognized for its potent antibacterial activity. This makes it beneficial not just in food but also in medicinal and cosmetic applications. Traditionally, Salicornia has been used to remedy conditions ranging from bronchitis to hepatitis to diabetes and atherosclerosis, underscoring its versatile therapeutic potential.

Switching to Salicornia white and green salt isn't just a culinary decision; it's a holistic approach to better health, drawing benefits directly from nature's reservoir.

2.    Innovative Product Variants by SaltWise

At SaltWise, we offer a refreshing twist in the salt domain with our signature  white and green salts. Our Green Salicornia Salt, made entirely from dried and powdered Salicornia leaves, captivates with its unique flaky texture, serving both flavor and flair to your meals.

In contrast, our White Salt, born from a patented transformation of the green leaves, closely mimics the appearance and texture of traditional table salt. These distinct attributes not only underline SaltWise's innovative edge but also cater to the varied culinary preferences of chefs and home cooks. With SaltWise, you're not just seasoning; you're elevating your culinary experience. SaltWise's white and green salt are gluten free, non-GMO, Vegan and microplastic free. Make the switch now to Salicornia white and green salts.

3.    Eco-friendly and Sustainable

In comparison to conventional salt production, SaltWise Salicornia low-sodium mineral rich salt boasts of a significantly reduced environmental impact. Salicornia is a resilient halophyte that grows in the coastal lands and thrives on salt water from the sea. This means that Salicornia Salt puts no additional pressure on the agricultural land and fresh water, thereby making it environment friendly and sustainable.

4.    Empowering Communities

At SaltWise, our mission goes beyond just revolutionizing the salt industry. By sourcing our Salicornia from the coastal lands, we're injecting life into local economies, creating opportunities where they're most needed. But the ripple effect doesn't stop there. In choosing to support these communities, SaltWise also champions women's and indigenous empowerment, providing them with tangible income.

Every grain of Salicornia salt is thus not just a healthier salt alternative for your meals but also a testament to building stronger, more resilient communities. With SaltWise, your seasoning choice becomes a powerful tool for positive societal change.

5.    Premium Quality with a Conscience

SaltWise Salicornia white and green salt is positioned in the premium segment and epitomizes luxury with a purpose. Every sprinkle goes beyond just seasoning, echoing our commitment to a healthier tomorrow, a preserved environment, and a world that celebrates inclusivity. With SaltWise, you're investing in more than just salt. You're investing in a vision - where quality meets conscience.

A Sprinkle of the Future

Navigating the vast sea of culinary choices can be overwhelming, especially when it's tied closely to health and well-being. But every once in a while, innovations emerge that don't just challenge the status quo; they redefine it. Salicornia salt, with its myriad of benefits, exemplifies this change. It's not just about adding flavor to our dishes, but about making choices that benefit our health, the environment, and communities at large.

As we stand on the cusp of this new era in healthy salt alternatives and seasoning, SaltWise invites you on a journey where quality meets conscience, and culinary delight aligns seamlessly with a healthier tomorrow. Here's to a future where every sprinkle counts, not just for taste but for the broader good. Choose wisely; choose SaltWise.

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