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An Untold story: Discover Salicornia: A healthy source of essential vitamins and mineral salts

Apr 06, 2024

Salicornia is a plant that thrives in salty, coastal environments. Naturally rich in mineral salts, this plant has been a part of many cuisines for centuries. Given its quick perishable shelf like, Salicornia has not become a readily available herb- But now- you have a chance to embrace the goodness of Salicornia in your daily diet with, SaltWise’s 100% plant-based salts, including SaltWise Salicornia Green Salt and SaltWise Salicornia White salt. The gluten free, vegan, low sodium Salicornia white and green salt are of the best salt that is loaded with essential mineral salts. Salicornia healthy salts serve as a great source of potassium, that helps regulate blood pressure and the antioxidants collectively boost your well-being and immune system.


Discover more about the Salicornia- a naturally rich source for mineral salts

Did you know -What is the origin of the word Salicornia? Etymology. From Latin sal (“salt”) + Latin cornu (“horn”), which pretty much sums up a very high level description of this ancient miraculous plant.

Its bright green stalks are not only visually appealing, but also offer a deliciously salty and slightly tangy flavor that can elevate any dish. However, dried Salicornia can be ground down to a fine powder to create a healthier salt, which is exactly how SaltWise green salt is made. With it's two heroes- Green Salicornia Salt and Salicornia White Salt- SaltWise comes in making the consumption of the Salicornia superfood that much easier. Incorporating Salicornia into your diet can nourish your body and support heart health. Read on to know more about the Salicornia Green and White salts that are rich in vitamins and provide the required mineral salts. 

Salicornia Green Salt: Salicornia Green Salt is a healthy, plant based, low sodium salt substitute made from100% dehydrated Salicornia. Rich in vitamins and essential minerals, this salt creates a flavorful seasoning blend for veggies, poultry and meats. Whether you are cooking American, Mexican, Indian, or Italian - this all-natural seasoning elevates your dishes with its unique umami flavor.

Salicornia White Salt: Salicornia White Salt is a healthy low sodium salt substitute derived from the plant of Salicornia using a US Patented technology. SaltWise pioneers the technology to retain the rich vitamins and minerals without adding any preservatives or additives. Tastes and feels just like your common salt but promises better health.



SaltWise for Salicornia

SaltWise for Salicornia In Everyday Life

All the benefits that come from the Salicornia plant are present in SaltWise as well, as both our Salicornia Green Salt and Salicornia White Salt are made entirely from the Salicornia plant. With half the sodium content of table salt and containing essential minerals and vitamins to promote a healthier lifestyle, SaltWise may be an optimal option to replace consumption of table salt altogether. Don’t let this underrated superfood go unnoticed. Discover the myriad benefits and delicious possibilities that Salicornia offers, and take a step towards improving your heart health today.

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